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Project Description
TVersity Dot Net makes it easier for .Net developpers to use the TVersity REST API. TVersityDotNet creates easy to use classes and abstracts away the http communications while using the REST APIs. Based on TVersity's API documented here:

This API is meant to be used by developers seeking to create either their own custom UI for TVersity management, or use some subset of functionality (like TVersity's seach or browse for instance) in a more object-oriented way, abstracting the fact that TVersity's API is REST based.

Will be adding examples within documentation to show how this works. For now, you can look at the UnitTests and it will give you a general idea of what's happening.

Please add comments, log bugs, etc etc as you use this.


(Please have a look at TVersity's terms of service and different licensing options to make sure you are in accordance with them prior to using this API. Visit )


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